Friends and Customers

This is what people say about Tina:

Tina Brickhouse is creative, extremely organized, outgoing, competitive and thorough in any project.  She is a multi-tasker and loves a challenge - she is enthusiastic and knowledgeable in all aspects and able to communicate the positive/negatives to a customer sufficiently and fairly.  Tina also has the gift of being able to quickly assess situations and make reliable solid decisions.  Darla E. (The Woodlands)
Tina is determined, focused, trustworthy, honest, and creative. She can take an empty room and turn it into something beautiful and unique.  She can envision the way a room can look or the way a house has potential to be something better than it appears.  She is a great listener.  Angela W.

I feel fortunate saying that I have known Tina and her family for the better part of ten years, because to know Tina is to know her family.   She holds nothing closer to her heart than her children. She actively volunteers her time for their schools, squads, teams and organizations, often assuming a lead role as she specifically pays attention to detail and is very task oriented.   Keller Williams will be proud of her enthusiasm, resolve, and common sense approach to life. Lela C (The Woodlands)